First Flight, Last Flight?

It has been awhile since my last post, I apologize.  Like you care that much that an apology was needed but whatever.  I think that having the munchkin in November has its ups and downs when it comes to traveling with her.  For the first 4 months we hardly have gone anywhere besides to the grandparents and daycare.  Hell, it has been winter for almost 6 months and there is no way I am taking myself outside unless I have too and no chance in hell that I am dragging a baby out side in cold weather.  I am anxious to see how many babies are born next fall due to the crap of a season (winter) in the midwest.

So we just got back from visiting my sister and brother-in-law out in Colorado for a weekend.  It was Maggie’s first flight and she did great. I knew the “flying with infant” drill before going thanks to my friend BN.  She had flown with her little one a couple of times before so she gave me the scoop ahead of time. My only question is how in the world do people travel with multiple kids?  The amount of stuff needed for a 4 month old is crazy.  Stroller, car seat, car seat base, diapers, formula, and one hundred different other items that she might need in the next 3 days.  We were lucky enough to borrow a play yard from a friend that lived out there, super grateful for that.  The genius that I am forgot to pack a warm hat and mittens for the little squirt so had to stop and buy some winter items for her.  Only I would go to the mountains and not pack anything warm.

The Munchkin in Colorado

Over all she did great on the flights.  The munchkin even had the pleasure of sitting next to Coach Bill Self on the way back from Colorado.  Go Jayhawks!  Next time I travel I think I would rather ship all that crap to the destination then try to lug it around multiple airports.  What a cluster.  Kudos to those who can do this without wanting to yell at everyone that comes in contact with you.  Next plane trip with her is in August to Florida, god help me.  And just a little suggestion/warning to the friendly staff at Southwest, don’t touch my baby and you should really let families board before the A’s.  Oh and parents should get free booze even if the flight is less that an hour.  Parents always need booze, or maybe that is just me that needs it.

The Rule of 3's

Started the new job last week so life has been kind of hectic lately, hence no blog posts.  The new job is great.  The doctors are great and it keeps me busy which is exactly what I was looking for.  Oh, if you didn’t know I started a job at an eye doctors office up the street from my house.  Now you are caught up.

It is amazing how exhausted I have become lately, especially after working all day.  By the time I get home all I can think about is bedtime for Maggie and I.  Come on 9 o’clock.  Maggie is sleeping all night so I am the usually waking her up at 6:30am.  O h how the tables have turned.  It has been a rough couple of weeks for our family.  The beloved Jayhawk’s lost to some random team in the NCAA Tourney and for the first time in years, I wasn’t devastated.   Don’t get me wrong, I wanted them to win but I am not going to let it ruin my day or week.  Plus I didn’t really have any money on basketball this year.  Then we had one of our close friends lose his father.  Super sad.  I can’t even express how that tears me up inside.  Then we had another close friend suffer a stroke and have to bypass surgery for a second time.  Super scary couple of weeks.  Emotions are running high but I can’t let it bring me down because I have my little munchkin to take care of.  Just have to tell myself to stay strong for that little girl.

Hopefully all the bad has past and we can look forward to the future.  I am counting the Jayhawk’s loss as one of the bad things that has happened because of that whole “bad things happens in 3’s” expression.