The Never-Ending Fixer Upper

So my husband and I bought our house about 3 years ago with the full intention of fixing it up room by room.  It sounds so easy doesn’t it.  I’ll tell you one thing, it would be a whole lot easier if we had endless money to do it with.  My parents always told me, “it doesn’t have to be done all at once”.  It doesn’t, but I want it to be.  The house we bought sat empty for 2 years because the man who owned it bought it for his wife without showing it to her first and she said her furniture wouldn’t go with the house.  I’ll tell you one thing, no furniture would have gone with the house.  The house was full of wood paneling and wallpaper.  I like wallpaper when it is more modern but the stuff that was all over our house was horrible.  Example:  Hall bathroom had pink tiles, wall and floor, with green and red striped wallpaper.  Awesome.  Oh, and had an old oriental rug cut up to look like they had carpeted over the pink tile floor.  Seriously.

The first thing we did was prime and paint the kitchen cabinets and scrape all the wallpaper off in the entire house.  It was in every room just about.

note to self: never buy a house with wallpaper in it, not even in a closet.

It has slowly come together over the past couple of years and is very livable now.  We haven’t even touched the basement yet but we haven’t had a reason to until we had Maggie.

My problem is that I change my mind on how I want to style the place every couple of months.  We haven’t really bought any furniture besides a couch and a coffee table so far.  My goal in the next couple months is to get rid of the older furniture and start making the right furniture choices for us.  Another problem is that everything I tend to like it’s not so kid-friendly and every thing my husband likes is too comfortable.  When I say comfortable I mean puffy and reclining.  Not in my house.

When we moved into the house we traded the soft-padded hot tub for a dining room table.  Great trade but the dining room table is so not my style and the chairs weigh as much as I do.  Craigslist is going to have some new posting come this spring and my house is going to be very empty.  This will be a hard task, especially if I don’t plan on telling my husband until the furniture magically disappears.

I have secretly picked out the furniture I want for the living room and I know my husband won’t like it.  Another little problem we have is that we have 2 medium-sized living rooms.  I think we are going to have to have a grown up room and a children’s room.  Now the big question, how do I make a room child-friendly without it screaming kindergarten class room.  i think I will enlist the talents of my friend KB on this project.  She has the best sense of style and fashion, practical but nothing too over the top or trendy.  I like to call her classy all the way around.

I will post pictures throughout the makeover process.  Hopefully things will go well on convincing my husband that I know what I am doing.  I can just seeing him now, shaking his head and telling me that I’m going to change my mind a million times before I will make a permanent decision.


It has been a couple of months since my last post so I have been determined to set some computer time aside.  This summer has been super busy and very hot here in middle America.  While most people are complaining about the heat, I do leg kicks.  I much rather have the heat than 3 feet of snow in Kansas City.

My little munchkin is growing like a weed.  She literally went from wearing 3 month clothing to wearing 12-18 month clothing in the matter of two months.  Crazy.  I know I say it all the time but that little has changed my life for the better.  After watching the Casey Anthony trial for the past couple of months, I just can’t understand how some people can just treat their children the way they do.  I still believe that Casey killed her daughter one way or the other.  She knows what happened and she got the luckiest break of all time.  It breaks my heart just thinking of that little girl and I only wish that someone could have helped her.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just think it was only Casey Anthony that knew about the murder of her daughter, her parents are hiding something as well.  That whole family is dysfunctional and should all be put away.  After the verdict was read, my eyes just welled up and I was more angry than sad.  Why is it that our justice system just SUCKS.  If a jury has to decide the fate of this person then I think they need to be the one asking questions as well.  If I was on that jury I would need to sit down with Casey Anthony and get some answers if she wanted me to decide whether she was guilty or not.  If she doesn’t say a word, guilty.  Say something you horrible person.  It just makes me sick.  What goes around, comes around.

It just makes me think about how of MTV showcases teen moms or young moms.  Since when is it cool to get pregnant in highschool?  When I was in high school I never knew of anyone that was pregnant in my school or any other.  Maybe they hide it very well but I am pretty sure that when we were in high school Dave Matthews Band was the coolest thing, not being knocked up.  I just want to scream at these girls on the “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” shows.  So you date a guy for 2 months, in high school so it’s really not dating, and then get knocked up so you should get married?!!  That sounds like a great idea.  Can you imagine getting married to your first boyfriend in high school?  Holy crap, that just makes me laugh.  My first boyfriend was a great guy, and still is, but I can’t even imagine what kind of person I would be if we would have married at 17 years old, let alone have a baby.

When I was 19 years old I dated the biggest loser EVER.  I really knew how to pick them back then.  He was older, a bartender, and he thought I was the greatest thing since air conditioning.  I thought I was going to be with him forever, I think I even told my parents that I wanted to move in with him and marry him.  I just threw up in my mouth.  My family basically told me straight up that he was a tool and I was never allowed to move in with him.  It took me awhile but I finally realized that he sucked at life and moved on. I am not the same person I was when I was 19 years old.  I grew up so much from the age of 18 to when I was 25.  What if I would have married that guy? I know that it would have ended up in divorce, with or without children.  I am thankful for my friends and family for guiding me through those years.  I think people need to wait to get married.  You aren’t the same person today that you were on your first day of college or even the day you graduated.

First Flight, Last Flight?

It has been awhile since my last post, I apologize.  Like you care that much that an apology was needed but whatever.  I think that having the munchkin in November has its ups and downs when it comes to traveling with her.  For the first 4 months we hardly have gone anywhere besides to the grandparents and daycare.  Hell, it has been winter for almost 6 months and there is no way I am taking myself outside unless I have too and no chance in hell that I am dragging a baby out side in cold weather.  I am anxious to see how many babies are born next fall due to the crap of a season (winter) in the midwest.

So we just got back from visiting my sister and brother-in-law out in Colorado for a weekend.  It was Maggie’s first flight and she did great. I knew the “flying with infant” drill before going thanks to my friend BN.  She had flown with her little one a couple of times before so she gave me the scoop ahead of time. My only question is how in the world do people travel with multiple kids?  The amount of stuff needed for a 4 month old is crazy.  Stroller, car seat, car seat base, diapers, formula, and one hundred different other items that she might need in the next 3 days.  We were lucky enough to borrow a play yard from a friend that lived out there, super grateful for that.  The genius that I am forgot to pack a warm hat and mittens for the little squirt so had to stop and buy some winter items for her.  Only I would go to the mountains and not pack anything warm.

The Munchkin in Colorado

Over all she did great on the flights.  The munchkin even had the pleasure of sitting next to Coach Bill Self on the way back from Colorado.  Go Jayhawks!  Next time I travel I think I would rather ship all that crap to the destination then try to lug it around multiple airports.  What a cluster.  Kudos to those who can do this without wanting to yell at everyone that comes in contact with you.  Next plane trip with her is in August to Florida, god help me.  And just a little suggestion/warning to the friendly staff at Southwest, don’t touch my baby and you should really let families board before the A’s.  Oh and parents should get free booze even if the flight is less that an hour.  Parents always need booze, or maybe that is just me that needs it.

My Ode to Coca-Cola

Have you ever noticed what kind of soda people drink and what they call it?  There is Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and then the generic brand.  Some call it “soda”, some call it “pop”, and then there is my family and we call it “coke”. I would consider us the Coca-Cola family growing up.  My parents would always purchase either Coca-Cola or Sprite for the house, never Pepsi products.  From many people who I have spoken to I think it might be a midwestern thing.

I remember growing up hating the generic brand of soda like “Dr. Thunder”.  Kids aren’t supposed to taste the difference but if you grew up on Coca-Cola then there is a huge difference.  I remember the soda we would get after a soccer game in elementary school, always praying for the “real” thing.  There were always the parents that showed up with the stupid foil bags of Capri Sun or the Always Save Cola product.  For reals.  As an adult I ventured out to the west coast and everything is freaking Pepsi.  As big as a corporation as Coca-Cola you’d think that they would have the west coast market.  Nope.  That would be another reason I do not like Los Angeles.  Then there is Las Vegas, biggest little place in the United States.  I woke up one morning, or afternoon, in search of my hangover cure and could not find one for the life of me.  If you have never tried drinking a Coca-Cola Classic after a gnarling night of drinking it really is a must.  No where in the hotel Paris could a Coca-Cola be found, all Pepsi.  Do you know where I finally found a coke that day, at the Coca-Cola Store on the strip.  I bought 6 bottles.  Plus you can’t drink a Captain and Pepsi, that’s just gross.

The reason I bring this odd debate up is because I have co-workers that say “pop”.  I couldn’t tell you why but it is the most irritating thing.  “Pop” is what a 4-year-old says.  “Soda” is okay but I will call it a “coke”, even if it is a Dr.Pepper.  I believe the last time I was in Las Vegas the prestige Coca-Cola Classic was more readily available but it took them a while to get the hint that Pepsi just doesn’t do the trick.  Quite dumb considering the amount of booze they serve in that city.

Showering is Optional

My typical day consists of the most mundane 8 hours of “work” known to man. A normal work day consist of my alarm blaring on the iphone at 5:50am. (Note To Apple: Alarm is way too easy to turn off so I never hit snooze). I usually take a shower the night before to wash my hair because I don’t have an hour in the morning to spend with a blow dryer. So I hop in the shower for maybe 5 minutes then quickly fumble around for something to wear. My job is super casual so I am in jeans and boots most days and my hair thrown back in a bun. Most of the time I will lay out clothes the night before because it is just easier that searching in the dark for the right outfit. I find myself trying to make my life as simple as possible these days.
After getting ready I go turn on Maggie’s lamp in her room and un-swaddle her to get her to wake up. This is my favorite time of day. She wiggles around, has a big stretch, and finally looks up at me with the biggest smile.

She is so happy that I am right there to pick her up for the day. Mostly, she wants her diaper changed. We change her and then we are off for the bottle. Maggie doesn’t wake up and automatically want a bottle, which makes the morning so much more pleasant. After eating, I put her in her little seat in my bedroom and finish getting ready. Maggie watches the news and I brush my teeth and chug a cup of coffee then we are off again. We have to leave our house by 6:45am to get to the babysitter by 7am so I can be at work by 8am. Working 40 minutes away from where I live is getting VERY old.

My Little Angel

My job consists of me answering a couple of telephone calls through out the day, emails, and surfing the internet. I email and surf the internet because there is nothing else for me to do. Do you realize how boring it is to look at websites all day? This is also a reason I have started a blog. For the amount of money they are paying me, it barely makes the gas over here worth it. The problem with nothing to do at work is the fact that the internet is staring you in the face saying GO SHOPPING! Crap I say.
After work I make the 40 minute trek back to the babysitters to pick up my little squirt, then back home to start the nightly routine. We eat at 5pm, 7ish, 9ish then bed by 10-10:30pm for both Maggie and I. Every other night we throw in a bath for Maggie but that has to be timed by her poops. I fear the day she has an accident in the bath water. By 10pm I am so exhausted by that point that if a take a shower it will wake me up too much that I will not be able to fall asleep. And if I don’t take a shower the night before I go to work, let’s be honest, the chances are very slim that it is going to happen in the morning.   I am not a dirty person but everyone skips a shower or two during the week, especially moms.