Suck It Tip Jars

These days many people have so many choices on where to get their morning coffee.  Most days I try to make a pot at home and take some on the road with me but my 45 minute commute sometimes requires more joe.  There is one coffee-house out by my house but it is inside a shopping center that requires a horrible parking situation and a long walk.  No thank you.  Super convenient on the developers part.  Next to my office I have many choices from Starbucks, Coffee Girls, Latte Land, and One More Cup.  The location of my office is prime location for little shops.

On one of my last few stops into Latte Land I became so angry I could have flipped all the tables.  The staff has to be some of the worst in the city. As I walk up to the counter there is a shark-tank sized tip jar in front of the register.

Reasons you DO NOT need a tip jar:

1.  You are paid higher than $2.13 an hour. (some paid up to $11.00 per hour)

2.  That is your job.  Make drinks.

3.  It takes you 10 minutes to make a latte.

So today I stopped in there to give it another try before completely writing them off.  Same people there.  Same woman with a 4 month old playing on her computer with every baby item thrown about the chairs.  Same jokesters behind the counter.  Same housewives on their iphone blabbing so everyone can hear that she just hated the colors of linen at her dinner party. Same business men checking email on their phones.  All I want is a vanilla latte and I want it fast because I have a job.  I got a dirty look this morning after taking my change and putting the $.27 in my pocket.

Latte Art

Fuck you and your tip jar, I have piggy bank in my daughter’s room that gets my change.  I know they are not too busy to make a latte but it took 15 minutes this morning.  I don’t need you to try to draw a transformer in foam on the top of my drink.  I am just going to drink it.  And would it kill someone to put a lid on the hot cup so I don’t burn my hand trying to move it to the bar so I have to put the lid on it.  Oh and by the way, there is no caution on their cup stating the obvious, CAUTION:  HOT BEVERAGE.  Can you say lawsuit!  That was the last time I will ever step foot in that place.

I will go to Starbucks because they are fast, polite, and they get the drink right every time.  They too have a tip jar, which is smaller, but I still will not put in any of my money.  Starbucks is one of the best places to work for the world.  They take care of their employees quite well.  I get paid an hourly wage and provide a service, you don’t see a tip jar on my desk.