Chemo Mouth

Grr. Imagine all your taste buds float away to cancer hell and you are stuck with everything tasting like cardboard. Oh, that includes water. Yep. Sucks. So I decided that I’m going to just try to get through the next couple months without losing another 20 pounds and then binge out on my favorite food. Most chemo patients suggest avoiding your favorite foods during the chemo process so they aren’t a turn off after you get your taste buds back. 

First stop, Chicago. If I could eat in any city for the rest of my life it would be this place. The Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder is my number one go to place. It holds a special place in my heart as well, my husband proposed to me there. 

Heaven on a plate. They also have an amazing salad, dressing, and flatbread. I will gain ten pounds that night at dinner. I can already taste it. There is also a burger place that I have to find again, it was years ago. The Art of Pizza is always a good spot. There is Francesca’s, are they still good? Anyway, I am also excited to try s good steak house. Any Chicago restaurant suggestions would be appreciated. 

I’m loving the Kansas City food scene too. My favorite place is Osteria Il Centro and that will be my very first stop on list. 
If you haven’t been then you are missing out. Best place in Kansas City. Fact. Then there is JJ’s on the plaza, Strouds Northland, Pig Witch, Garozzo’s, Bristol, and 715 in Lawrence. 

I make this list to look forward to something. I miss food tasting like food. I miss carbs. I miss wine. We will be together soon again. 

Infusion #2 (with no hair)

So last week my lovely thick hair started falling out. This was hard watching so I decided to just chop it off. We wanted my girls to be involved so we all went up to my bathroom and my husband started in with the clippers. I have to tell you, I didn’t cry and I thought I’d ball like a baby. The girls thought it was so silly that I was going to have hair like daddy. They were eventually bored with the cutting of the hair and ran off to play. I was so afraid that the girls would have a tough time with the hair loss but they haven’t mentioned it since.  

I’m currently at chemo right now, two infusions down and four more to go. Other good news, the tumor is almost undetectable to the touch. Somethings working!!! I have changed my medications up this week so maybe the taste changes will be better, I can cut out the heartburn, and control the bone pain. 

My mom came with me today to my infusion which is super fun. I warned her that I was just going to watch season 6 of Game of Thrones so I wouldn’t be good company. I heart this show. So addicting. Next on my list is Orange is the New Black. 

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind messages, gifts, and donations to Mini Adventures. I am continuing to work but more on a part time basis with is working out great. My surgery will be the second week of November so I’m saving all my vacation time for that and some of the radiation. I hope to start working out more this week and get on back with my Pilates. My amazing instructor knows how much I will need my strength to recover from the surgery and I want to be ready. I will need all my strength for my favorite meal of the year, Thanksgiving Dinner. Since my cancer diagnosis I have dropped a ton of weight and I plan on gaining that back with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Everything is better with gravy. 

Love to all. 

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The Aftermath

Well, day 4 post chemotherapy is much better than what I expected. The funny thing about the side effects is that you just don’t know which ones you will get, or how bad they will be. My Friday started with some pretty awful bone pain. Yes, bone pain. So the day following my chemo treatment I have to go back in to get a shot of Neulasta. Neulasta is a medicine used to to stimulate the growth of “healthy” white cells in the bone marrow. White blood cells help the body to fight infection. The side effect from the shot is bone pain and I have it. Awful.   

I was experiencing so pretty horindous heartburn as well. And headaches. And a god awful metallic taste in my mouth. Could be worse right?  So my sister tells me now that I should expect these side effects for the next time and I can better prepare. So now I need a lot of Nexium and pain medicine that isn’t going to make me loopy. I have to say, the metallic taste in my mouth is pretty annoying. Nothing tastes right, water doesn’t even taste like water. I want so bad to eat a huge bowl of pasta with garlic bread and savor every bite but I can’t because it will taste like cardboard. Grrrr. It becomes very hard to eat when you can’t taste anything.  I heart food. 

In other news, I bought a wig!!! More to come with that later. 

First Chemotherapy Treatment

One down, five more to go!!! Yesterday was a very long and boring day but I also expected that. I guess uneventful is a good thing while undergoing a chemotherapy treatment. They have me hopped up on a bunch of steroids so I’m not feeling much of anything except a little dry mouth. Chemo consists of a lab draw to make sure my blood work is okay for treatment, a quick chat with my oncologist Dr. Qamar Kahn and his NP Stephanie, then off to the infusions. Yesterday was long day because it was my first day. Lots of pre drug infusions and then the four infusions. Everything went as planned and have no side effects right away. 

So, Game of Thrones is a very sick and twisted show and I LOVE it. Went through the entire first season and couldn’t stop watching it. It was a great suggestion, although I have to cover my eyes throughout many of the scenes. Keep other suggestions coming as well as books. 

We have such a great network surrounding us and I’m trying to respond to every message and text I get so bare with me. I might not respond in the evening because I’m trying to give my full attention to the my family by limiting the cell phone. I know everyone is wanting to help right now and we are still trying to figure everything out. At this point we are not needing meals made for us. My appetite has been next to nothing and I’m on a restricted diet of some sorts and Matt can’t eat an entire pan of lasagna by himself. What is helpful are gift cards to Price Chopper, Whole Foods, or Sprouts. We are trying to figure out some sort of donation to Mini Adventures, the girls preschool, so I don’t have to use any vacation time until I need it for my surgery. The preschool is one of my major expenses right now and with all the time I have been off it might take a little stress off my plate. It’s been hard to ask for help and I will try to do better but I don’t like to burden people with my problems. 

Thank you and we appreciate your continued love and support.