Let's Go Royals! Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

Watching the Game
Watching the Royals lose with Dad

We took the little one to her first Royal’s game on June 24th at Kauffman Stadium.  It was so much fun.  The crazy thing is, she stayed up the whole time.  She had a 30 minute nap earlier that day around 2pm and then stayed up through the fireworks after the game.  Very impressive for a girl who goes to bed at 8 o’clock.  Never once was fussy.  She was so excited for all the noise and all the people.  It was such a great night, even though the Royals lost to the Chicago Cubs.

Royals Game
Munchkin's First Baseball Game

Made in America

Recently ABC World news has started a series on items/products that are made in America. After looking around at some things in my house it seems to me that not many things are made right here in America. I think I am going to start researching a little more before I buy something, maybe try a little harder to purchase things that are made here. I’m not saying I am going to strictly buy everything from American made hands because that would get super expensive. It is just a little challenge I am going to give myself.