She is here!  She was early but she is perfect.  My little Reese made an early arrival on Friday, July 13th at 9:48am.  After being hospitalized a couple of weeks before, we knew that the chances of our little bundle making an early appearance were pretty high but I guess that I just wanted prepared for it being so soon.  I’ll spare everyone the gory details of the birth and say it went great and I’m alive. My stay at this hospital was much better than our delivery with our first daughter.  Great nurses, great doctors, great everything (except the food).

Reese was born 5 weeks early so we knew that she would most likely have to go to the NICU at least for a couple of days but I was not expecting the 10 days that she stayed.  It was such an odd feeling laying in a hospital bed and not having your baby you just delivered there.  The hardest thing about it was that I didn’t get to hold her until the late afternoon on the day she was born.  One of the nurses from the NICU was nice enough to sneak her out and into my room so I could hold her since I wasn’t able to get up.  Such a great feeling that was.  She spent the next ten days in the NICU and we spent the those tendays traveling back and forth from the hospital trying to spend as much time with her as we could.  I never knew how hard it would be until I was put in that position.  I have a 20 month old toddler at home, I was told I couldn’t drive for 2 weeks, I was not able to pick up anything over 5 pounds, and my husband was still working most days.  Well, by day 3 at home I was picking up my daughter and driving back and forth to the hospital and daycare.  I was pretty lucky that I heal fast.

After the long ten days in the NICU, my little Reese came home.  She is doing wonderful and gaining weight everyday.  I couldn’t ask for better little girl, Reese has completed our family.

Mommy meeting Reese

Welcome to the Bed Rest Show

Well, after three days in the hospital I am finally home.  Bed rest.  With this pregnancy I knew there was a chance of bed rest because I was diagnosed with placenta previa early on.  I know the risks with the condition but it has never worried me like it might most people so I thought we’d be in the clear.  So we are 34 weeks along and we have a c-section scheduled for 37 weeks at this point.  Hopefully this baby cooks a little bit longer before making her appearance.

The bed rest part is going to be very difficult for me because of several factors.  First of all, I have a very active 19 month old who does not understand why I can’t pick her up.  This breaks my heart more than anything.  Second, I still have so much to do around the house before baby #2 makes her debut. I should just hire a maid.  And why did I make the very smart decision to drop my supplemental insurance after I had Maggie? Stupid, stupid, stupid.  For some reason I just thought all of my pregnancies would be perfect like the first one.  How wrong was I?  As I sit here in my bed I just keeping thinking of all the things I should be doing, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, the list can really go on and on.  The temptation to get in my car go shopping is just driving me crazy.

Playing in the bounce house. Very active these days.

So tomorrow if July 4th and my husband will be home to take care of Maggie and take her to all the fun festivities.  I will be at home trying to search for the end of the internet. I might have to break the rules that night and go outside and sit in the driveway and shoot some fireworks off with my family.  It’s still “resting” if I’m sitting in a chair right?  I’m thinking of making up my own rules for bed rest.

Maggie July 4th, 2011 (8 months)

Shortly after finding out I had placenta previa, my doctor’s office called to inform me that my doctor had just resigned and wanted to know who I wanted to switch too.  Seriously.  I loved my doctor. She made everything so easy to understand, told me how it was going to be (in a good way), and just understood my personality. I was crushed.  As of today, still no word on where she will be practicing.  I started seeing a new doctor in the practice and she is super nice but there is something missing.  I know that she is perfectly capable of doing her job but I feel like I need to question everything she tells me.  So I started seeing a specialist to keep an eye on my placenta and the growth of my baby.  The specialist has answered all my questions and then some.  I feel like the specialist think I’m fine and my doctor wants to go ahead and get the baby out as soon as possible.  Do I really question someone who has a medical degree and years of experience?  Do people really do that?

More posts to come as long as I’m on bed rest.  Act excited.

It's A Girl! Again.

So we found out a couple of weeks ago that we will be blessed with another baby girl in late summer.  Very excited.  It is amazing how many people come up to me and ask me if I’m upset that it is another girl and not a boy (it’s usually the people without children).  I couldn’t be any happier! All we wanted was a healthy baby, boy or girl.   How neat is it going to be that our two daughters will be a little less than two years apart.  I don’t have to go out and buy clothes at all.   Hopefully, they will be great friends throughout their entire lives.  My sister is five years older than me and we didn’t even like each other until we were in our twenties.  I guess every family dynamic is different but I would have loved a sister that was so close to my age growing up.

I’m not sure how Maggie is going to deal with bringing a new baby into this house but I’m sure it will just take time to adjust.  She will be around 20 months when little sister arrives, prime toddler age.  Maggie basically rules this family nowadays so a throwing someone new into the mix might set things off.  I guess I’m not that scared of a newborn coming, I’m scared of having a toddler and a newborn in the same house alone with me, with no help.  The demands of a newborn are to be expected, not so much with a toddler.  Everyday is a surprise with a 16 month old these days, very emotional some days and then we have our crazy go, go, go days.  It is exhausting just thinking about it and it makes me want to cry as well.

The plan is to just get prepared now.  I have around 4 months until our new arrival makes her debut.  I can only pray that she is as easy as Maggie was when she was a newborn (I can hope can’t I).  Nursery will be done in the next couple weeks, supplies will be bought and put away, and the BIG house chores will be done.  When I say “big house chores” I mean all the crap I have told my husband to get done before baby #2 comes, get done.  Then we attempt to prepare a 20 month old for a baby sister.  Is that really possible?  We will just have to wait and see.

Happy Birthday to ME! Who? What?

So, since my husband doesn’t read this blog I feel like I can let some things off my chest. Watch him read this ONE blog post! Whatever.  My 30th birthday was on January 1st, 2012 and I was really looking forward to it this year and it was a huge let down.  Granted, we found out we were pregnant towards the beginning of December so a big night out drinking would have been super awkward but it would have been something.  I honestly thought that my husband would have attempted to do something special for me, at least get me a birthday card without having to mention getting one.  My birthday is not the most important thing in the world but for once I thought he could have made it a little better than all the others.

Bleachers at Wrigley.

For my husbands 30th Birthday I bought him some Chicago Cub’s shirts and bleacher tickets to a cubs game in Chicago.  Pretty rad.  He had never been to Wrigley Field before so I called a couple of his buddies and they bought some tickets and we made a trip out of it.  It was a great trip.  Beautiful weather, good friends, great food.  Girls are just better at planning things I think.  Maybe he will surprise me with a trip to New York City after baby #2 arrives!! Hint, hint.  My husband is great, don’t get me wrong, but he just doesn’t get it sometimes.  I told him that he didn’t get a birthday this year because of the awful one I had.  Somehow our sonogram is scheduled the day of his 31st birthday, pretty cool birthday I think.  Maybe I will just keep the results of the sonogram from him for a while.

One of the many pizzas we tried in Chicago

It's All in a Name

So with the new addition coming I can’t help to start think of baby names. My question is, what is the proper etiquette on naming your child the same name as an acquaintance?  Maybe not a friend that you speak to on a regular basis,  but someone who you know through friends and run into occasionally.  I don’t want my child to have a name that have their classmates are going to have so I have to go out side the box a little.  I am too scared to name my child something super trendy because of a fear of them being made fun of but I also don’t want them to have 4 friends with the same name.  My friends brother and sister in-law named their little girl such a beautiful name and I want to steal it so  bad but I feel like that is a big no-no.

I guess I can’t get my heart set on anything quite yet, it still needs to be approved by the husband and lord knows how hard that is going to be.  Trying to decide on a name for Maggie was hard because you go through every girls name and have an option based on your husband’s ex-girlfriends, girls you grew up with, and your relatives.  I’m not sure how guys pick names but girls will hate a name just based on the fact that they knew someone by that name and they were a whore or a bitch.  At least that’s how I do it. For instance, I hate the name Vanessa.  I think it’s trashy based on a person I knew with that name.  How bad is that?  I don’t like a lot of people so I have a lot of names crossed out. I hope to god that I am not the only person who thinks this way.