Summer Bucket List

I was introduced to The Happy Family Movement by my new favorite photographer, Nicole Renee. Even with our busy schedule I think we can do this summer. So here goes, Our Summer Bucket List:

1. Royal’s Baseball Game with the children. We have taken Maggie in the past but the little one has yet to see the Royals lose in person.

Maggie's 1st Royals Game
Maggie’s 1st Royals Game

2. Kansas City Zoo. Took Maggie last year and she had a blast.

Kansas City Zoo
Kansas City Zoo

3. Lunch on The Plaza without children. I love dining and day drinking.

4. Day on the Lake (on a boat). I'[m still a little to over protective to take the girls to the lake house but we can take them on the boat at Wyandotte County Lake.

5. T Bones Baseball game with the family. We are right down the street from the stadium and they have a great playground for the kids. No excuse not to go.

6. Outdoor Concert. I think the last outdoor concert I attended was Cross Canadian Ragweed in 2009. Hell, that was the last concert I think I went to. I used to be cool.

7. Deanna Rose Farm. It would be perfect for a toddler.

Maggie at Deanna Rose Memorial Day 2013
Maggie at Deanna Rose Memorial Day 2013

8. Family Portrait Session by Nicole Renee. we took portraits when Reese was about 3 months old but that was it. A family photo session is much-needed.

Family Portrait Fall 2012
Family Portrait Fall 2012

9. Watch a fireworks show. This task shouldn’t be too hard since my family is in the fireworks business.

10. Build a sandcastle with the kids. We are taking a family vacation to Florida in August and we are right on the beach. Maggie would love to build a giant sandcastle and then she will proceed to knock it down.

11. Catch lightning bugs. This just screams summer to me.

12. Date night. Not just dinner at Yardhouse on a Tuesday. A dress up dinner at a romantic restaurant is my favorite. Nice wine, great food, and dessert!

13. Wyandotte County Fair. Another summer favorite for kids! I won’t let Maggie on the rides but at least she can run around. I know, I’m no fun.

14. Royals Game WITHOUT children. Nothing better than a night at the stadium with a good group of friends.

15. Play in the sprinkler. The kids are already little fishes in the pool, they will love the sprinkler.



New Challenge

In January I told myself that I was going to try to write an entry every week, and now it is the end of May and I haven’t finished one!  New goal, try to write one every month.  I. can. do. this.

I also have been attempting to read a book, The Happiness Project and am a whole 25 pages into it.  It’s not like I don’t know how to read because I can, I swear.  I have read those same 25 pages over and over again just to familiarize myself with the book again. Exhausting. I am hoping that one day I will be able to relax and do those little things like read a book or go to the restroom without a toddler following me around asking me very important questions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my children but this momma is on a journey to balance work, family, and me time. I’ll get there and you will most likely hear about it along the way.

My little one just started her little army crawl last night so I officially have two little girls on the move.  Reese is a complete momma’s girl and has been attached to my hip for the past 10 months so I am loving her desire for independence.  I am just praying that she will enjoy playing without me holding her! At this point I can’t understand why I don’t have super toned arms after carrying around a 20 pounder and a thirty pounder, they should be ripped.