A Little Backstory

I wanted to explain why there was an influx of blog posts all of a sudden.  I used to write a blog called Mother of Pearl, which was basically a motherhood and lifestyle blog.  After starting my real estate career and writing a separate blog for that, it only made sense to combine them together. Although I will post about Kansas City Real Estate, I will try to keep this fun and exciting as well.  All Real Estate all the time will gets redundant so I will strive not to bore you.

As an update from the Mother of Pearl blog, I am still cancer free!  I have been so fortunate to have the very best care from The University of Kansas Cancer Center and the love and support of my family and friends.  So much as happened in the past year and I will eventually write all about it but until then, adios!

PS:  Aren’t you digging my professional headshot!! I plan on retaking them and doing something more causal with a real photographer, Lori Robinson.  Check out her website for more information http://www.lorirobinsonphotography.com.  She is AMAZING!


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