More good news

So more good news on the chemo side! Hollar. My doctor cut 2 out of the 4 drugs I was getting, the Perjeta and the Carboplatin. This is great news and should help with all the bad side effects I have been having. I pray that things will be better now. We will keep doing the Taxotere and the Herceptin for the next 2 infusions and then have I will continue the Herception until next July. 

Things are finally looking up and I am looking forward to October 18th, my last chemo treatment. Surgery is scheduled for November 15th and then radiation 4 weeks after that. There is an end to all this madness and I can finally see it. I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with friends and family and ate tons of food. I even went shopping with a good friend of mine as found some kick ass shoes for fall. It’s the little things that make my day. A good pair of leather boots would make any woman happy. 

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