Nothing will be easy

The chemo struggle is real. Eff me. Things did not go well after my second round of chemo to put it lightly. I continued to have the bone pain, chemo mouth, and just general crapiness. What I didn’t expect this round was the severe cramping and abdominal pain. At one point I thought about going to the ER but I was worried that they would just think I was a drug seeker. It hurt that bad. Of course I was In touch with my fabulous team of nurses at the KU Cancer Center, they wanted to do do stool studies before they did anything else. Because I work in the gastrointestinal field I knew that they were checking for c diff, a infection that is common with chemotherapy patients. Just google c diff and trust me, you don’t want this. I was very lucky and was clear! So Wednesday I went in for IV fluids and a tiny amount of morphine and instantly felt better. Today is day nine post chemo and I finally feel semi-normal. 

In other news, my genetic test results came in.  Both my mother and sister were tested and they were negative. My lovely panel came back positive for the ATM gene which is associated with in an increased risk to develop cancer. For women who carry an ATM mutation, the lifetime risk of breast cancer seems to be 2-5 times higher than the general population risk, with perhaps a greater magnitude of risk before age 50 and then a relatively smaller increase in risk after that. So at this point, they think I inherited this ATM gene from my father. The cancer is maternal on my side of the family and no paternal family history. So that doesn’t answer anything and very inconsistent with the breast cancer in my family. So now we pray hard that my little girls are safe from this evil thing called cancer. 

One thought on “Nothing will be easy

  • Cancer sucks the biggest balls ever and I hate that this is happening to you. Your strength and sense of humor are nothing short of inspirational and I hope that you know there are hundreds, if not more, arms around you. Prayers and peace for healing and always much love. Kick this crazy crappy chemo right in the a**. XO🐧 … And yes, that’s a penguin emoji because who can’t smile at a penguin? 😊❤️


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