Still have my hair…

It’s been one week post chemo. You know what I think about chemo, it’s poison. If the chemotherapy drugs weren’t so effing expensive the government should start sentencing people to chemo on top of prison time. Cough, cough, Stanford swimmer, cough, cough. Child molesters, rapists, murders should all be put on chemo during their prison sentence. It’s that bad. 

Okay, maybe not that bad but it’s pretty terrible. The flu-like symptoms, bone and muscle pain, and the diarrhea are super fun. I would say it’s more uncomfortable than painful so I guess I have that going for me. For some reason I had this idea of chemo in my head and how I would handle it and it would be easy. Nope. I’m done trying to be super woman. It’s hard to work a full day at my office without falling asleep at my desk or my stomach yelling at me. I truly thought I would go back and work full time after each treatment and be able to manage the exhaustion.  This is the one time in my life that I should be playing the card I was dealt, the cancer card. 

I did feel better today. Still super tired, but better. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon today and it went really well. His name is Dr. Paul Leahy and he came highly recommend to me from many people. He is not associated with the University of Kansas Medical Center so I would have to stick with my original breast surgeon to use him. I loved seeing pictures of his work, he has great bedside manner, his nurse was amazing. He has a reputation of fast healing and less painful recoveries. Win. Win. I still have a consultation with the KU plastic surgeon just to see what their approach would be. I’m told they do fat grafting, which basically means they take fat from other areas of the body to help fill in the breast area. Very painful and no thank you.  I’m still doing my research on all this implant stuff so bear with me. 

In other news, I still have hair. 

I am doing a fundraiser through my Stella & Dog business. My lovely cousin Emily started this throughout my husbands side of the family so I thought I’d extend to everyone else. Order a Strength Bracelet (or any other piece of jewelry)through the link below and I’m using the rewards to order more of the bracelets to donate to the KU Cancer Center where I’m doing my chemotherapy. They give patients these gift bags with all sorts of stuff for their chemo journey and I would love to help out.

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