Selling Our Home

We have entered into one of the most stressful times of our marriage, the selling of our home. I finally convinced my husband that it was time for the next step and move to a more “kid friendly” neighborhood. Our current neighborhood is just great but there are no children to play with. We do live three houses down from my husbands parents which is such a blessing, they have been such a huge help.
Anyway, we put our home on the market in middle of the arctic February and I was so convinced that we would sell with a week or two. Our realtor had mentioned something about this whole process and that it takes time and was going to be super stressful. Stressful is a understatment. We rented a huge storage unit and started de cluttering and moving things into the unit, touching up paint, and fixing the little stuff around the house. That stuff was the easy part. Keeping the house clean and “show ready” everyday with a 19 month old and a 3-year-old was the hardest part. Let’s just say, after breakfast I usually have to sweep and mop and hose the girls off depending on what they ate. We did take most of the toys and kid stuff to storage but we had to leave some toys around for our sanity.
Things started off great with multiple showing everyday and then everything just stopped. Awesome. Great. That is when I convinced myself that we were never going to sell our house. That is just how I am. It I think I read somewhere that selling/building a home was one of the biggest tests that your marriage will go through. Great, we are doing both. I am not going to lie, it’s been about 8 weeks and it has been a test for our marriage. After 6 weeks we lowered the price a little in hopes it would generate new buyers and a quick sale, it worked.

Now we embark on the LONG journey of living with the in-laws and building a house.

May 2014
Last day in the Nebraska House.

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