Nine Months Without Wine Again

Well, we are pleased to announce that we are expecting our second little munchkin.  I think I found out I was pregnant by the fourth week, very irritating to me for some reason. Have you ever watched one of those I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant shows and just said WTF! I know, I know, every pregnancy is different but I could spot it both times very early.  The reason it irritates me is that I would like to wait until at least 10 weeks to tell everyone but people typically notice when I don’t have a drink.  I am not saying that I’m some drunk but I am known to want to have a glass of wine or two.  And wouldn’t you know it, I buy three cases of wine the week before we find out that I am pregnant!  Awesome.

We are thrilled and cannot wait for our new addition to our family.  My little girl is  14 months now and she will be a big sister at 21 months, scary.  So many fears run through my head when I think of two children under 2 years old, like am I going to sleep, have time to shower, or even go to the bathroom!  I think the bathroom thing scares me the most.  I know that plenty of my girlfriends are alive and kicking with 2 young children, so I know it can be done.  We are very fortunate to have both our families so close so I know that there will be helping hands.

I have a little less than 7 months to go, grrrr.  The first months of pregnancy are always weird.  You usually try to wait to tell people about your news until you can hear a heartbeat or see it with the sonogram, which is around 10-12 weeks.  I don’t think I started showing in my first pregnancy until 5 months so that is strange I think, especially on your first pregnancy.  Looks like we planned this one just great, due in the beginning of August so being very pregnant in the heat of the midwest summer sounds freaking amazing. Do you since my sarcastic voice?  At least I have a pool to keep cool.

All we can ask for is a healthy little boy or girl. We are blessed and excited to share our news with everyone.

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