I Heart Florida

Who would have thought that a week in Florida would change the way I vacation.  My husband’s family goes to Florida every other year with a group of extended family, around 30 people all together.  They rent condos on the beach and just lounge for a whole week.  My first thought was, “this is going to get boring”, but it never did.  We were steps away from the pool, the beach, and a cooler full of Corona.  The munchkin was 8 months old at the time so she still wasn’t walking by herself but did enjoy the sand and water.

Walking on the Beach

The condos that we stayed at were absolutely perfect.  We were all next to each other so it was easy to do a group dinner and have the kids play with each other.  I would much rather spend my money renting a condo for a week than stay at a super crowded resort and pay for everything I wanted to eat or drink.  The condos weren’t all full so we basically ran the place.  It was so nice to have extra hands with having a little one with you as well.  It was my first year down in Florida with his family so now I cannot wait for 2013 to get here.  I think my family was pretty jealous so I am in search of the perfect week-long vacation spot for the years we are not in Florida.  Suggestions are welcomed.

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