My husband and I just back from a much-needed vacation to Minneapolis.  We went up on Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the marriage of two dear friends of ours and had a blast.  It was the first time we had left the munchkin so it was pretty sad leaving her with my parents.  It is very strange being without someone who has been connected to my hip for the past 6 months but I knew it would be a very good thing for me.

Minneapolis is such a great city.  We stayed downtown during our stay and all I can say is that city set it up right.  They had it all down there, stadiums, bars, and shopping. I wish Kansas City would have built our baseball stadium downtown because it would have a completely different atmosphere.  We arrived late Thursday night and went to meet our friends at a bar called Brit’s a couple of blocks from our hotel.  This bar was great!  Yardball on the roof, best thing ever.  I wish I had taken pictures this night but had left my camera at the hotel.  The following evening we went to the married couples favorite bar called The Local which was a great choice.  I love bars that have all the detailed wood surrounding the bar and the little alcoves with booths in them.  We had such a great time that evening. 

During our stay we also went to Ikea next to The Mall of America.  I have been dying to go to Ikea for years but the only problem was that the Minneapolis location was the closet one to my house and a 7 hour drive was stopping me.  If my husband wasn’t with me during our shopping trip I would have done a lot more damage than I actually did, I only spent $100.  I always feel like I have to rush through stores while shopping with my husband because he is bored.  I also feel like I should curb my spending when he is with me, we all know that I would have spent a lot more if he wasn’t there.  Ikea wasn’t what I had built it up to be in mind.  I see all these design shows on television that are always using items from Ikea and I am so impressed with the end result.  So on our trip there we purchased lots of picture frames, cutting boards, and some towels.  A disappointing shopping trip compared to what I thought it was going to be.

The wedding was beautiful, and I knew it was going to be.  I am the luckiest person in the world to have had all my best friends in the world in the same place for 3 days.  After having a baby my social life was kind of non-existent for a while, so when there is a opportunity for everyone to get together I jump on it.  The wedding was just perfect.  We had great weather, great drinks, great food, and great dancing.  There was a live band that kept the crowd of the dance floor throughout the entire night.  The riverfront backdrop that just made the experience that much better.  I couldn’t have had a better time with my friends and my husband.  A big thank you to the married couple for such a great weekend, it made my year.

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