The Dog Farm

The winter of 2009-2010 my husband and I decided to get a dog.  Not just any kind of dog, we wanted a chocolate lab.  We made a call to my Aunt and she knew of someone getting ready to have a litter so we said sign us up.  We drove down to Hutchinson to get the new addition to our family, Jax, on a snowy afternoon.  A little back story on pets and my family, we weren’t allowed to have any.  Growing up I always wanted a dog but our parents would explain to us how much work it is and that we were not ready to take care of animals of any kind.  Very true.

We decided to keep Jax as an indoor/outdoor dog.  There just so happened to be snow of the ground for his first 3 months of life so the garage was not an option.  I never realized how much work a puppy is, christ.  With my husband and I working full-time and his full-time is not like your typical 9-5.  Luckily we never had a problem with him going to the bathroom inside but it was always something.  I can honestly say that my daughter has been easier than Jax.

We kept Jax for about 6 months before I finally went crazy and had to find a new home for him.  I couldn’t keep him in a kennel all day and I couldn’t keep him out in our backyard because of dog nappers. 

Jax the dog

Yes there are people who steal dogs.  So my aunt also happens to be the owner of Jaxs’ dad and I decided to give her a call to see what our options were.  She made the decision to take Jax back with them to live on a farm in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Way better place for a huge lab.  He wasn’t a bad dog, I just couldn’t handle it.

Sidenote:  All you dog owners that said,”once you have a child, are you going to try to give it away too?” Go to hell.  Not even remotely the same thing.  A dog is not a human.

Jax is doing great on the farm now with his dad.  From what I have heard he has been kicked by a couple of cows but I’m sure he has learned his lesson.  My parents have always told us how it is and they are always right.  As a younger child I would have never admitted that but as an adult you see all the reasoning behind the decisions they made.  My husband will bring up Jax every once in a while but he knows it was the best choice, especially since we have Maggie now.

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