Silver Platter? More like an Acrylic Plate

So I recently accepted a job offer at an opticians office up the street from my house. No more 40 minute drive to work!! Hollar. I am taking on a completely new career path and I am super excited but also nervous.  Excited because it is something new and I have never worked in the healthcare field and nervous for the same reason.  I am going to be the new girl who knows nothing about this field except for the fact that contacts are expensive, especially for blind people.  Since I will be starting school the same week I start this job, I will slowly be gaining knowledge on the healthcare industry.

I wonder how many people are doing what they love or what they have dreamed of.  Truth be told, I never dreamed that I would be working for an eye doctor but it is where I am at this point.  The long-term goal is to become a certified medical coder and be able to work from home.  Who knows, maybe someone will pay me to write a blog on a weekly basis.  I think as I have gotten older my priorities have changed.  I am not working to be rich, I am working to be comfortable and happy.  Don’t get me wrong, lots of money would be nice but my life is not going to revolve around it. My dream would be to have a stay at home or part-time job that enables me to stay at home with my child(ren).  A girl can dream right?

It is amazing that you can look around at your peers and notice that some of these people will never have to work in their life because their mom and dad will take care of them.  Pretty sad that your parents have worked so hard in their life and you sit back and enjoy the benefits.  My parents still are working hard but if I asked them for $5.00 they would laugh and say, “you have a job, don’t you?”  Yes I do.  I would love to have an endless bank account but what kind of person would that make me.  Spending money all day doesn’t sound like very much fun.  Sitting at home doesn’t sound like that much fun either, maybe in the summer if I had a pool.  God, just not having a mortgage payment would be the best situation.

The reason I bring this up is because I see many people my age not working or still living off their parents.  Sure parents help you out when needed but you are 30 years old, you can pay for your cell phone bill.  My parents taught us that if we wanted things in life we had to work for it.  It sucked so bad growing up but it has made me into the person I am today.  I want my daughter to know that she will need to work for the finer things in life.  She will have a job and she will pay for the things she wants later in life.  How in the world will she learn anything if I give her the world on a silver platter?  I will spoil her now in the first couple months of her life but she will know work ethic at an early age.

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