My Ode to Coca-Cola

Have you ever noticed what kind of soda people drink and what they call it?  There is Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and then the generic brand.  Some call it “soda”, some call it “pop”, and then there is my family and we call it “coke”. I would consider us the Coca-Cola family growing up.  My parents would always purchase either Coca-Cola or Sprite for the house, never Pepsi products.  From many people who I have spoken to I think it might be a midwestern thing.

I remember growing up hating the generic brand of soda like “Dr. Thunder”.  Kids aren’t supposed to taste the difference but if you grew up on Coca-Cola then there is a huge difference.  I remember the soda we would get after a soccer game in elementary school, always praying for the “real” thing.  There were always the parents that showed up with the stupid foil bags of Capri Sun or the Always Save Cola product.  For reals.  As an adult I ventured out to the west coast and everything is freaking Pepsi.  As big as a corporation as Coca-Cola you’d think that they would have the west coast market.  Nope.  That would be another reason I do not like Los Angeles.  Then there is Las Vegas, biggest little place in the United States.  I woke up one morning, or afternoon, in search of my hangover cure and could not find one for the life of me.  If you have never tried drinking a Coca-Cola Classic after a gnarling night of drinking it really is a must.  No where in the hotel Paris could a Coca-Cola be found, all Pepsi.  Do you know where I finally found a coke that day, at the Coca-Cola Store on the strip.  I bought 6 bottles.  Plus you can’t drink a Captain and Pepsi, that’s just gross.

The reason I bring this odd debate up is because I have co-workers that say “pop”.  I couldn’t tell you why but it is the most irritating thing.  “Pop” is what a 4-year-old says.  “Soda” is okay but I will call it a “coke”, even if it is a Dr.Pepper.  I believe the last time I was in Las Vegas the prestige Coca-Cola Classic was more readily available but it took them a while to get the hint that Pepsi just doesn’t do the trick.  Quite dumb considering the amount of booze they serve in that city.

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