Showering is Optional

My typical day consists of the most mundane 8 hours of “work” known to man. A normal work day consist of my alarm blaring on the iphone at 5:50am. (Note To Apple: Alarm is way too easy to turn off so I never hit snooze). I usually take a shower the night before to wash my hair because I don’t have an hour in the morning to spend with a blow dryer. So I hop in the shower for maybe 5 minutes then quickly fumble around for something to wear. My job is super casual so I am in jeans and boots most days and my hair thrown back in a bun. Most of the time I will lay out clothes the night before because it is just easier that searching in the dark for the right outfit. I find myself trying to make my life as simple as possible these days.
After getting ready I go turn on Maggie’s lamp in her room and un-swaddle her to get her to wake up. This is my favorite time of day. She wiggles around, has a big stretch, and finally looks up at me with the biggest smile.

She is so happy that I am right there to pick her up for the day. Mostly, she wants her diaper changed. We change her and then we are off for the bottle. Maggie doesn’t wake up and automatically want a bottle, which makes the morning so much more pleasant. After eating, I put her in her little seat in my bedroom and finish getting ready. Maggie watches the news and I brush my teeth and chug a cup of coffee then we are off again. We have to leave our house by 6:45am to get to the babysitter by 7am so I can be at work by 8am. Working 40 minutes away from where I live is getting VERY old.

My Little Angel

My job consists of me answering a couple of telephone calls through out the day, emails, and surfing the internet. I email and surf the internet because there is nothing else for me to do. Do you realize how boring it is to look at websites all day? This is also a reason I have started a blog. For the amount of money they are paying me, it barely makes the gas over here worth it. The problem with nothing to do at work is the fact that the internet is staring you in the face saying GO SHOPPING! Crap I say.
After work I make the 40 minute trek back to the babysitters to pick up my little squirt, then back home to start the nightly routine. We eat at 5pm, 7ish, 9ish then bed by 10-10:30pm for both Maggie and I. Every other night we throw in a bath for Maggie but that has to be timed by her poops. I fear the day she has an accident in the bath water. By 10pm I am so exhausted by that point that if a take a shower it will wake me up too much that I will not be able to fall asleep. And if I don’t take a shower the night before I go to work, let’s be honest, the chances are very slim that it is going to happen in the morning.   I am not a dirty person but everyone skips a shower or two during the week, especially moms.

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