The Big 3 (months)

Today my little girl is 3 months old.  Wow.  I remember thinking that I was going to be pregnant forever and that it was the most uncomfortable time of my life.  Well, it was pretty uncomfortable but I can’t even remember the feeling of being pregnant now.  It is crazy how the birth of a child can all of a sudden make you black out the last 9 months of your life ( not like your college years blackout).

Maggie playing with her chains

My little girl is the most amazing gift.  She has grown so much in such a short amount of time.  Last night she starting grabbing and holding on to her little plastic chains and she was so surprised that they could make noises while she shook them around. 

 The smallest little things still make me tear up.   Every time she laughs or smiles at me I get so teary eyed still and I think she can tell something is wrong. 

Sleepy girl

She looks into my eyes and kind of tilts her head to the side like she is thinking, “what’s wrong mom?”  Super cute.  I know that I will never stop tearing up with her, I even see it getting worse. 

Now that we are at 3 months, the next couple of big milestones are on the way. 

Bird Mobile above Maggie's Crib

 She will be sitting up on her own, crawling, rolling over, and hopefully saying mama soon.  I like to think that her first word is going to be mama but my luck it will be some obscure word or god forbid, a “naughty” word that her father or me has said countless number of times in front of her.  I am willing to put my money on her first word being mama or bird.

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