In less than 2 months the best day EVER will be here.  For those of you that are not sports fans, you wouldn’t understand and quite frankly you wouldn’t like me.  The Kansas City Royals home opener is a day for people to skip work, head out to the ballpark, and get entirely too wasted.  You would think that we have this great baseball team and that the city is there to show their support, not the case.  I believe most of the support goes to the MVP of the game who is the Beer Man.

For the past couple of years we have been super lucky with the weather on opening day.  Being in the heart of the Midwest the temperature ranges from 15 degrees to 80 degrees on game day.  I remember 3 years ago it was so cold that we left after the 5th innings.  Unheard of on Opening Day.   Last year I couldn’t go because I had just found out I was pregnant and me not drinking is a little obvious that something is going on.  Missing that game was the first opening day I had missed since I was 17 years old.

So I am pumped about March 31st this year.  We go with a group of firemen every year and it is always a good time.  There is one major difference about this year compared to others, we now have a daughter.  In years past we had no time restraints and could spend the whole day out at the stadium.  I have a feeling this year I will be the sober one and head out early to go pick up our little girl.  My husband will offer to go with me but we all know that he is going to stay out with the boys.  I love him to death but he just won’t miss out on a good time.

Now I will wait out the next month and a half until the best day EVER.  To be honest, the day my daughter was born was the best day ever and is also tied with my wedding day.  So technically opening day is not the best day ever but you know what I mean.

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