The Bachelor=Desperation

Okay, so The Bachelor has started again with the same guy they had a couple of years ago!  Why in the hell does this guy get a second chance.  Whatever, such a stupid show but I can’t stop watching it for some reason.  As I sit here and watch them introduce these girls I can’t help but laugh.  A vampire.  A manscaper. These producers make it look like all these women have money.  I am glad that they are now letting women with children and women that have been divorced on the show now.  One thing I will never understand is how you can just force yourself to like someone for a tv show.  What if you show up to that mansion and realize the person you are supposed to fall in love with is a complete jackass or a stuck up bitch.  Just watching the show tonight, the girls that didn’t get a rose are in tears after leaving the show.  Are they crying because they are not on television anymore or are they crying because they really liked the guy?  You just met the guy, how can you be so upset?  I just will never understand these people.

I guess I just don’t know how these women or men that chose to be on this show can’t find that certain someone in their own city.  My theory is that women and men have this idea image of what they want their spouse to be and they don’t give anyone else a chance.  I once pictured myself married by 25 to a tall, dark-haired, handsome man who wore a suit everyday to work and was home by dinner time.  I had this image in my head of what he would look like, how he would ask, where we would live, and what our kids would be like.  Later I realized that I was searching for the impossible.  I don’t think it is ever what you imagine or dream.  I think I was looking too hard to find love and that is why I wasn’t finding it.  Finally, I stopped searching for a certain type a guy and just let things happen on their own.

I met my husband months before we ever started dating.  He was dating someone and what I had gathered from his friends, it was a long-term relationship and he wasn’t available.  It just so happened he worked at a little bar in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, that also happened to be one of the accounts I called on with my beer sales job (he also lived in the apartment above the bar).  He claims that he saw me one day in the bar and asked the owner about me, I don’t believe him.  Then one random Monday I went to happy hour at my favorite local bar with some friends, let’s be honest, I went to happy hour every Monday after work.  After a couple of drinks a couple of us moved locations to the little bar down the street where my future husband worked.  Keep in mind that I had never really had a conversation with MFH (my future husband) before, we had just been introduced.  I had heard he was newly single but wasn’t sure on his status at that point. MFH and I end up sitting at the bar for a while having drinks and smoking cigarettes.  Even though the drinks could have a lot to do with it but I remember just having the best time talking to him.  That was a great night.

We went to lunch at Margarita’s for our “first date” and I remember MFH telling me about what he didn’t want.  He didn’t want a relationship.  Crap.  All I could think was that he just wanted to fool around with no strings attached, not what I was looking for.  I think we hung out that same night but I can’t remember what we did.  The next week after that Monday night he left for Las Vegas for his annual guy trip.  Another crap.  While he was in Las Vegas I got the best text from him, it said something like “I’m out here in Vegas with all my boys and all I can think about is you”.  Best text ever.  So much for not wanting a relationship right?  We have been together ever since.

My husband is the love of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I put my “dream checklist” aside and I was open for anyone to take my heart.  Never once did I ever think that I would be living in Wyandotte county and married to a firefighter.  Life just happens, and you have to roll with it.  I am so happily married to the love of my life and have the most beautiful daughter ever.  There are so many couples I know that are not as happy and in love like I am.  I didn’t have to go on some reality show and be forced into falling in love with one certain guy, I found mine in a bar.

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