Maggie's First Christmas

Finally, Christmas is over.  I usually love the holidays but this year it just seemed different.  My sister went to Indiana with her husband for his family Christmas so she wasn’t around.  I am so grateful that my husband is from Kansas City and we don’t have to travel anywhere for the holidays.  If I had to travel a couple of times a year just for family functions, I would be broke!  I guess I should be grateful that we can stay in town every year.  That will not end my quest for Christmas in Mexico.  Hopefully Mexico will happen one day.

Now that I am married with a child, we are expected to make appearances at all the holiday dinners/parties.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy being around family but it is exhausting trying to fit it all in less that 48 hours.  I miss the days when we just went to my parents got hammered, attempted to put a 5000 piece puzzle together, and watch some ridiculous movie with a cuss word every 15 seconds.  So much fun.  Christmas morning we would wake up and make our bloody mary and start opening presents. My mom’s side of the family started coming over after 10am on Christmas morning.   We’d all eat brunch, exchange gifts, and continue our quest for a buzz.  I’m not saying all my family does is drink.  It is one of the few times of the year that my brother, sister, and I are together in the same house so we like to make it fun.  My sister usually has 2-3 drinks and she is done.  My brother has learned to handle is booze pretty well but when he starts serious discussions, he’s hammered.  And then there’s me, I can’t hide the fact that I have had too many drinks even though I always try.  I raise my voice, stutter, and then have to take a nap in order to function at my aunt’s house that evening.

Maggie tuckered out from her first Christmas

The evening festivities are at my dad’s sister’s house on Christmas night.  Both my parents are from large catholic families, my dad has 8 brothers and sisters.  I sometimes think I am related to have of Kansas City.  His side of the family is large but is spread throughout the country and only gets together for weddings and funerals.  CHristmas night includes more booze and some pretty awesome food.  My aunt and uncle sure know their way around a kitchen.  This is the fun part of Christmas, someone always drinks too much and makes a fool out of themself.  It hasn’t happened in a year or two but back in the day was classic.  It is one of those families that you look around and ask yourself, “how am I related to some of you?”  Don’t get me wrong, almost all the family is great, it is the ones that are more “distant” that I question.  One Christmas some of the kids and I were told that we had wasted our lives and were a bunch of drunks.  This was said by an uncle walking around with a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other.  Good times.  I love that story.

Real Italian Leather Jacket from Italy. Thanks Aunt Sally.

Christmas now is running around to the in-laws houses (2 different houses) on Christmas Eve and then my parents Christmas morning then the aunt’s house that evening.  Doesn’t sound to bad, but try it with a one month old on 4 hours of sleep.  It will take me the next couple of days to recover from this christmas.  Eventually Christmas morning will require our families to came to us since Santa will be stopping by our house again.  I keep trying to tell myself how lucky I am to have such a great family and I shouldn’t complain about having to spend time with them.  Maybe it was just this year that was new and different.  Having Maggie out and about for the first time and not having my sister and her husband here was pretty hard.  Hopefully next year is better.

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