Target: The Good, The Bad, The Ghetto

Ahhhhh Target.  Target is one of my favorite stores and the place where I do most of my everyday shopping.  It is a place where I can get a Starbucks, laundry detergent, and just about anything for my house.  Since I have been off on maturinity leave I have had to run up to our local target more than a couple times a week, and I tend to forget what I ran up to buy so I have to go back the next day.  The other day I ran up to buy some Christmas gifts and stopped first to get a vanilla latte at the Starbucks counter at the front of the store.  Now, I’m not usually very patient with the general public out shopping but I have gotten much better since having a baby I think. So the man in front of me in the line proceeded to be irratated that Starbucks had a line and he had to wait.  Whatever, it is a week before Christmas and this guy is mad because it’s busy!  When it is his turn to order he has the nerve to pull out a list of drinks he needs. For some reason this set me over the edge.  This is Wyandotte county and there is no coffee shops in the county except this one in Target and then a Scooters in the Legends shopping center.  The one in the Legends is stupid because you have to try to find a parking spot and then walk a mile inside the outdoor shopping center to get a hot cup of coffee.  No going to happen and super bad planning on someone’s part.  Back to the jackass in front of me,  he paid seperatly for each drink.  So after an hour of him placing his order,  I order my vanilla latte and patiently wait for my drink to be made so I can start my shopping.  Do you know how close I was to tripping this guy with his two trays of drinks?  Finally I get my drink, take a sip, and it’s flipping wrong.  Whatever.  I don’t know why Starbucks doesn’t just build a store out in western Wyandotte county.  The least they could do is train the people at Target to make the drinks that I am overpaying for.

My lovely day at Target didn’t end there, the white trash was out in full effect that day.  I make fun of Wyandotte county a lot but I feel like it is justified.  While in the toy department, all I see is parents with their small children shopping for toys.  Children running everywhere, “I want, I want” and parents yelling “No”!  The children then proceed to throw fits in the middle of aisles and the parents just walk away.  Why in hell are you bringing your children toy shopping?  I have never understood this practice.

I can only imagine what my facial expressions are like when one of these parents look at me.  Maybe I just went to Target on a bad day but the whole place was full of idiots.  As I was walking out a lady ran into the store and caught a store employee to report that a two women where yelling at each other in the parking lot.  She was applauded that Target didn’t have security and that the police needed to be called.  All I could think was, welcome to Wyandotte county.  The two females, I can’t even call them women, were just acting ghetto by their car and were in desperate need of social skills.  They were the type of people I would have yelled something but was in fear of being shot.  Yep, not going to say a word.

Not all my trips to this Target are this bad, it was just a lot happening in one afternoon.

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