The Giving Tree

While in the hospital, I experienced the best moment of my life to this day.  It is very ironic because the few days in the hospital were some on the most irritating days EVER!  When I was pregnant, I read all the books on pregnancy and on the newborn babies and not once do they mention your stay in the hospital.  Many women probably have wonderful experiences in the hospital but for my husband and I it was very frustrating.

No one tells you that you will not sleep and you will be super uncomfortable the entire time you are there.  I know, I know, I bitch too much and the nurses are just doing their jobs.  We had some wonderful nurses but we also had so not so great nurses.  It seemed like every two hours someone was coming in the room to check me, the baby, or to see if we were breastfeeding the baby.  Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed.  I am so sick of everyone telling me to breastfeed.  It was so frustrating trying to breastfeed my little angel and knowing she wasn’t getting crap.  All I wanted to do was to tell everyone to shove it and give her some formula.

My husband and I were planning on going home Tuesday afternoon, more hoping than planning.  The pediatrician came Tuesday morning and informed us that Maggie had a heart mur-mur and they wanted to check her out the next day to see if it was anything serious.  We were not going home.  All I could do was cry.  I was scared for my little girl, I don’t think I had slept at all, and I just wanted to be left alone for a while. Not only were we not going home we were about to be a revolving door of visitors and not the good visitors.

Knock, knock.  The nurse was always asking me on a scale of 1-10, what is your pain level.  I don’t know, everything below my waist hurts.  Stupid.  Knock, knock.  Did you breastfeed?  You know every two hours you need to breastfeed?  Are you feeding her?  Why would I not feed my child?  I wonder if there are actual people who do not feed their children.  I know some people don’t feed their children but I am not a complete idiot thank you.  Knock, knock.  I need to take pictures of your baby for hospital security reasons.  This lady had the biggest camera ever and the flash was more like a spotlight than a camera flash.  Only when Maggie was sound asleep did the nurses want to wake her.  Knock, knock.  The hearing test lady came in and explained to us that she needed to do a hearing test on Maggie.  Why in the hell do they need to do a million test at different times of the day.  They take Maggie to the nursery at least 4 times a day and should have done the tests then.  The lady informs us that Maggie needs to be sound asleep during the test, which she was on my husbands chest.  At that point I was on the couch trying to get at least an hour of sleep.  I knew the minute I picked Maggie up she would become fussy and want to eat again.  The hearing test consisted on attaching probes to both her ears, forehead, back and shoulders.  Oh and she had to be still and sleeping during this test.  Yeah right.  Maggie started screaming while she tried to attach all the probes.  My husband and I finally just said stop, you can do the test later.  Knock, knock.  Nurse again wondering what the pain level was and if we were feeding our child.  Oh, and we needed to watch a video on Purple Crying.  Basically a video telling us not to shake our child and that all babies cry.  No shit.

Eventhough the hospital stay was crappy, I did experience such a wonderful moment.  It was late one night and my husband was trying to calm Maggie down and get her to sleep.  He pulled out the book, The Giving Tree, and began to read it to her.  It was the cutest moment I had ever seen.  He read the entire book to her and she fell asleep on his chest.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about that moment.  It is one of those moments you have in life that just warms your heart.  I knew after seeing that moment between my little girl and her dad, my life was complete.

Maggie and her Dad. Love this.

She already had her dad wrapped around her tiny little finger.  That moment between Maggie and her father was the reason I married him.  I always knew that he would be a great father but it was that moment when I actually experienced it.  All was perfect in my life at that very moment, I have the two loves of my life .

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